In recent years, a lot of efforts have been made on the research of this protein, coming to the discovery of its multifunctional character and its great benefits for health, which make it unique. These results have been published in the most prestigious journals. Among all the properties it has, the following stand out:

Biologic functions:
It favors iron fixation from the food, improving its absorption, so keeping body’s iron reserves. This characteristic makes lactoferrin a very appropriate natural product for people in need of stabilization of their iron levels without the gastric discomfort that medicines usually provoke.

It is a powerful microbe killer. Its bactericide action extends, among others, to bacteria such as estafilococo aureus, escherichia coli and pseudomona aeroginosa. Regarding the action of lactoferrin on viruses, it can be used to fight against herpes or hepatitis C. As far as funguses are concerned, lactoferrin has proven to be able to subdue candida albicans.

As antioxidant agent, lactoferrin actions are strong because of the links it establishes with the surrounding iron molecules, avoiding its free circulation through the body, thus allowing the formation of free radicals in a process known as Haber-Weiss reaction.

Immune system enhancer:
It enhances the immune system as a whole, improving the growth of bifido bacteria, lymphocytes, and neutrophyles.

It also enhances locally the intestinal mucous, avoiding infections and tumor development.


Milk is one of the most complete, healthy and natural foods. It is mainly composed of water, fat, proteins and vitamins, which represent all the basic needs of the body. We drink it since we are born, when mothers use it to strengthen the immunologic system of their babies, and we keep taking it for the rest of our lives, being a great source for some of the essential nutrients, keeping our bones in shape and providing us with the adequate proportion of proteins and vitamins. However, the milk we consume nowadays has changed from some years ago. Now, most of the milk in the market does NOT have all the aforementioned nutrients, and consequently, we are missing them from our diet.

ABIAL recovers FOR YOU those nutrients lost in the milk reprocessing, giving you back all their benefits. Using ABIAL products, among other things, you can improve your immunologic system in a natural way, you can control the level of iron in your body and you can achieve a better digestive system comfort situation.

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Lactoferrin is a lot more than just a protein. It is a multifunctional product that can be naturally found in the milk and in the secretions of most mammals. It has a whole variety of applications in biologic systems and it is considered the first line of defense of the human body against pathogens.

The one found in cow’s milk is called bovine lactoferrin. This is a protein of approximately 78 kDa in size which has great affinity for iron molecules. It looks like a salmon pink fine powder due to the iron content.

Take advantage of its properties! ABIAL has selected for you natural lactoferrin from the best milk and has conveniently packed it in capsules for your better use. The lyophilized form allows for outstanding preservation of all its properties.

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Based on the daily milk consumption and on the scientific knowledge on the matter, ABIAL brings you lactoferrin in convenient capsules with the recommended amount for a healthy equilibrium in your diet. 1 capsule a day is enough to naturally keep your health standards.

In the event of additional needs, such as supplement to weak immune systems or low iron blood levels, the recommended dosage can be upgraded to 2 to 4 capsules a day, taken before meals for better assimilation. Anyway, before starting using lactoferrin in a daily basis, it is advisable to ask your doctor first.

If you already have allergies or incompatibilities to dairy products, you must ask your doctor in advance. However, it is likely that this product is harmless for everybody.




Lactoperoxidase is an enzyme made of a polypeptide chain of 78 kDa in size and elliptic shape. It can be found in the biologic fluids of living beings, such as in milk, saliva or tears.

Scientific studies on lactoperoxidase show its action mechanisms, distinctive characteristics and functions. Among them, the most important of all is that this enzyme is already an important part of the natural immune system of living beings.

However, lactoperoxidase does not have antimicrobial capacities itself, but it needs the presence of its cofactors. A lot of scientific studies have shown the great power of the two entities acting together in the inhibition of bacteria, viruses and funguses. And the main characteristic of it is the fact that IT IS A NATURAL DEFENSE SYSTEM, that works in exactly the same way as our body, so this enzyme can be applied to any product for human consumption. In that way, ABIAL develops formulations to implement this defense system in an optimum way.

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Alfa-lactoalbumin is one of the most abundant proteins in milk and one of the most important as well regarding nutrition properties. The molecular structure is formed by 123 amino acids, resulting in 14.2 kDa of molecular weight. The molecules of alfa-lactoalbumin have a great affinity for calcium, so this protein has an important role in calcium’s transport mechanisms.

It is noticeable that this protein is rich in cysteine and tryptophan amino acids. The first one is part of a strong antioxidant found in the human body’s immune system. The latter is a forerunner of the serotonin, with effects on appetite, sleep cycles, mood state, anxiety and stress control.

ABIAL formulations containing proper form and dosage of this natural protein will be available soon.

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