Current way of life, together with the deterioration of the consumer habits, is leading to a worsening of the health indicators and the quality of life of the people. However, as recommended by the sanitary authorities, this situation can be improved by following some simple health guidelines and diets. In order to attend such demand, ABIAL is developing natural food supplements containing the needed protein compounds for achieving a wholefood, resulting in the enhancement of the body’s strength and equilibrium.

ABIAL relies on a highly qualified human team that works day by day oriented towards the development of natural new products, the research of more efficient techniques and the improvement of the processes, which makes this company a reference partner in the market.

ABIAL’s activity, as biotechnological enterprise oriented towards the food industry, involves


not only the research but also the conception, elaboration and distribution of the product. This way, ABIAL is devoted to R&D applied to the obtaining of proteins from milk, so that she is ready to give everybody all the goodness we obtained from earth, and all that made in a natural way!!

Our facilities are located in Cantabria (Spain), a region famous for high quality prairies and extended livestock tradition, which altogether make the best milk of Europe.

ABIAL Technology & Innovation was established in 2008 upon the effort of a group of scientists with reknown experience in the biotechnology and food industry fields. The main objective is focused on the development and marketing of nutraceutical products, which will allow for the improvement of the quality of life and healthiness of the population.